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  • Educate a Child School for All

    Mon 12 Dec 2016 | |

    In Cambodia, children with disabilities face social stigma and many do not go to school. Through a partnership with EAC, one charity is getting them into the classroom and watching them thrive.

  • Educate a Child Fulfilling a little girl’s dream

    Mon 12 Dec 2016 | |

    Going to school, something millions of children around the world take for granted, is often just a wish for many in Cambodia. But through a partnership with EAC and one charity, these are coming true.

  • Educate A Child Back to School

    Mon 12 Dec 2016 | |

    In Cambodia, thousands of children are missing out on an education because of poverty and other factors, putting their future at risk. But a partnership with a charity supported by EAC is letting them return to class.

  • A Childhood Dream of Woman Dissolved When Her House Burnt

    Mon 21 Nov 2016 | | Aide et Action International (AEAI)

    A few years ago, Chhen Da, 20 years-old, and Sem Sopheap, 18-year-old studied at grade 7 always got up early by dressing in a blue skirt and white shirt uniform and went to a school in Sihanouk ville.

  • Third Learning Forum - 16th June, 2016

    Fri 1 Jul 2016 | |

    The group of CCOSC partner Project Managers are getting to know each other better and really learn about what is happening in this large programme of enrolling and retaining over 57,000 Out of School children into school.

  • Tutoring class, way to maintain children at public school

    Fri 1 Jul 2016 | Poor and Remote |

    Below the monastery of the pagoda in the commune of Mossa, a young boy writes a lesson on the blackboard, and then reads to around 30 children aged 8 to 11 years old. Three children including two girls voluntarily go to the blackboard to read the lesson