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Goutte d’Eau/DamnokToek (DT)

Goutted’Eau Switzerland was established as a Swiss NGO in 1996 and has been running a centre for vulnerable children in NeakLoeung since January 1997.


In 2003, to face the lack of appropriate services in the provinces for disabled children GE NeakLoeung opened a shelter in Phnom Penh for children living with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. In NeakLoeung no other institution apart from DamnokToek is accommodating vulnerable children and offering them alternative solutions such as formal or non-formal education, counselling, vocational training and life skills.


Since 1999 DamnokToek Poipet has been running various projects which directly assist vulnerable children and their families, including two Non-Formal Education programmes that offer the opportunity to street-working children to have access to education as well as reducing the chances of illegal migration. 

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